Waterproof Classification
Class 4
High waterproofing to allow floating. This is AMPHIBIOUS first class to be really waterproof. Resistant to high water pressures and to short immersions up to 1 m.
Class 5
High waterproofing that allows floating. Resistant to high water pressure and to short immersions up to 1 m deep. Suitable to demanding and professional uses and to very long water exposure (spelaeology, canyoning, rafting, etc..)
Class 6
Waterproof up to 6 m deep. Suitable for immersion
Class 7
Max waterproofing degree up to 50 m deep. For demanding uses such as underwater activities, spelaeology, canyoning, rafting.


Drijfvermogen Classification
Class 2
Product able to float for several hours.
Class 3
Product able to flat for more than 24 hours.
Class 4
Product able to always float.